Is the 2.0D Ingenium the most Problematic Modern Engine?

Is the 2.0 D Ingenium the most Problematic Engine?

A Brief History of the Ingenium

In September 2014, Jaguar Land Rover group (JLR) announced the brand new Ingenium engine, designed for the Jaguar XE and intended to be used in future models. Currently, it can most commonly be found in the Discovery Sports and Range Rover Evoque. The engine was originally regarded as a breakthrough in technology. Increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions meant for a cheaper to run vehicle, with lower emissions making it fall into a cheaper tax bracket. This extra efficiency also meant that it could go 30% longer before its next service, 21,000 miles instead of 16,000.

What is Wrong with the Ingenium?

Low Quality Timing Chain

Unfortunately for most Land Rover fans, the engine has proved over time to be a burden. One of the biggest issues surrounding the Ingenium is the low quality materials used for the chain. Many drivers with an Ingenium engine may notice distinct rattling due to the chain being stretched. Additionally, it is quite common for this chain to snap causing catastrophic damage. About 20% of drivers will need their chain replaced prematurely.

Not only is the chain not up to standard but the plastic used for the guide rails also breaks down far too easily, which ultimately causes plastic particles to contaminate the oil and eventually block the oil sump. As well as tiny particles clogging the system, the entire guide rail can also break with chunks of it coming off.

Failing Fuel Injector

Another issue commonly seen in the Ingenium is the fuel injectors over-fuelling. The fuel injectors regulate fuel into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with air and ignites. Due to the excess of fuel being compressed and ignited it is generating an extreme amount of heat. This may inflict additional damage to the pistons, which have also been found to be made of inadequate materials.

Damaged pistons can lead to the entire cylinder becoming useless. The damage caused to the piston can make it change shape or size and this eliminates the seal which is vital for the combustion process to happen.

Problematic Turbo Charger

The turbocharger is a turbine wheel which pushes extra air into the engine and allows the fuel to burn quicker. Unfortunately, this is another part of the Ingenium which is prone to failing. The main cause for a turbocharger to fail is insufficient oil levels, poor quality of oil or contaminated oil. The oil is necessary for the turbocharger to keep cool, as it operates at temperatures up to nearly 1000°C. If the turbocharger is not cooled down it can overheat and this is one of the most common reasons it will fail.

Alternatively, it has been found in the Ingenium engine that the materials used for the turbocharger are also not high quality meaning that it will wear quicker over time and can lead to full engine failure. As the turbocharger begins to fail it can allow oil to infiltrate the intake manifold and cause it to be burned off. This can cause the engine to operate uncontrollably and is very dangerous.

Is there Any Way to Prevent these Issues?

As with all vehicle components, the best way to prevent faulty parts is to have them regularly maintained. Despite JLR’s advice on having the Ingenium serviced every 21,000 miles, it is recommended to stick to an annual service or every 16,000 miles. Additionally, some drivers even recommend having the oil changed every 5,000 – 6,000. Many mechanics dealing with these faults state the lengthy service period is a major factor for these engine failures. If drivers stick to an annual service they are less likely to experience any grief.

The best preventative measure to avoid major damage is to have the OE timing chain swapped out for a higher quality version.

GT Automotive Timing Chains

Our GT Automotive timing chain for the 2.0 D Ingenium was designed to combat these issues. Featuring a steel chain, developed and tested to be equivalent or greater quality than OE parts. Our guides are developed using high quality nylon, and are tested to be resistant to high and low temperatures. Ensuring consistent quality for performance and endurance, our timing chain kit is the perfect replacement to the OE model found inside the Ingenium.


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