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New To Range – Timing Belt Components – Now In Stock

The latest additions to our range of timing belt components are in stock from today. Featuring new part numbers for guide pulleys, tensioners, alternator pulleys and timing belts. At GT Automotive, our selection of timing belt components are OE quality. Featuring NSK bearings and Dayco belts, our high level of standard is reflected across the […]

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Let’s Get Data Ready !

  We are incredibly proud and excited to be working with industry leading professionals and services to provide the Automotive Aftermarket with as seamless a service as possible. To that end, we want our services to be easily accessible to all, which is why we’ve created follow along videos and step by step guides to

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Should you Avoid Wet Timing Belts?

A Summary of Wet Belts Recently, we have become more aware of a variation of timing belts; Wet timing belts. Featured prominently inside of the Ford Ecoblue engine, wet belts seem to be causing a lot of issues within the automotive industry while still staying mostly under the radar. In the following article I have


Are BMW Reliable?

BMW as a Whole BMW has been around for over 100 years and is one of the biggest names in the automotive industry. They offer a wide range with a focus on comfort and performance and are often viewed as luxury vehicles. With German engineering being famous for reliability and efficiency, I wanted to look

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Timing Belt Components and What Can Go Wrong

What is the Timing Belt System for? The timing belt is responsible for keeping the camshafts and crankshaft pulley in sync. It controls the rate at which the pistons and engine valves operate to ensure that they don’t collide. The system consists of a belt, guide pulleys, tensioners and a water pump. The pulleys and


Ford Transit Regarded as the Third Most Reliable Van

What’s New with Ford? After coming third in the 2022 FN50 reliability ranking, Ford have made their way back to top position marking them as the most reliable manufacturer of vans, a first since 2016. In 2021, Ford re-branded their commercial vehicle division as Ford Pro introducing a range of services, including fleet management software

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