The Problem with the Renault H5F Engine

What is going on with Renault’s H5F?

The Renault H5F, also commonly known as the Nissan HRA2DDT, is a 1.2l 4-stroke direct injected engine co-developed by Nissan and Renault. The full aluminium body hosts a five bearing crankshaft and 2 camshafts controlling 8 valves per cylinder, for a total of 16 valves.

The main issue plaguing the engine is high oil consumption. This has been reported by a plethora of drivers online, and even addressed by Renault. In fact in 2022 a legal case was started against Renault on behalf of the drivers who suffered. This fault has led to a wide range of drivers having their oil drained sooner than expected. 

How does excessive oil use affect the engine?

The oil plays an essential role in the engine supplying lubrication for all the vital components, including the camshaft. Overconsumption of oil in these vehicles causes drivers to not even notice that the oil has drained. Once the oil runs low the camshaft will receive an insufficient level of lubrication. The lack of lubrication will cause the camshaft lobes to rub directly against the valve lifters, ultimately leading to full engine failure.  

Additionally, the excessive use of oil can cause the engine to misfire. The immoderate level of oil will find its way into the combustion chamber, delaying the combustion speed and generating extra heat. The higher combustion heat further elevates the risk of damaging critical components such as the exhaust valve. 

man pouring motor oil into engine

What is causing this?

Despite hours of research we have been unable to locate a definite cause. One theory is the low air pressure in the intake manifold. However, neither Renault or Nissan have addressed this. The lack of communication from the two brands doesn’t instil hope that this issue will be fixed for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for Renault and Nissan drivers?

The issues surrounding the excessive oil consumption persist. Despite the threat of a formal investigation, the two brands have only recalled some engines. With a variety of applications featuring the engine, excessive oil consumption may be something that some Renault and Nissan drivers will have to suffer with.

With an engine that is prone to failing we understand that the turnaround of parts is likely to be high and this is why we have introduced a range of OE level quality replacement parts, including our first to the aftermarket inlet and exhaust Camshafts, specially designed for the H5F/HRA2DDT with the ethos of longevity and quality at a respectable price point.

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