Ford Transit Regarded as the Third Most Reliable Van

What’s New with Ford?

After coming third in the 2022 FN50 reliability ranking, Ford have made their way back to top position marking them as the most reliable manufacturer of vans, a first since 2016. In 2021, Ford re-branded their commercial vehicle division as Ford Pro introducing a range of services, including fleet management software and vehicle maintenance. Overall, these additions reflect their new position in the FN50 list. Ford are also readying themselves for the new generation of electric vehicles, with the E-Transit releasing in 2024.

According to the FN50 list of Most Reliable Van Manufacturers

With the Ford Transit now sitting as the 3rd most reliable van in the UK I want to explore the impact this may have on the aftermarket.

The Ford Transit engine

In 2016, Ford introduced the Ecoblue engine, which is featured in most Ford vehicles including the Transit. With the UKs new favourite van brand using the 2.0 Ecoblue in their most popular model, let’s dive into some of the potential issues that drivers may face.

Wet Belt

The introduction of the wet belt is one of the predominant differences you will find in the Ecoblue when comparing to its predecessors. If you read our recent article on wet belts you will already understand the general displeasure people have for them. Originally designed to reduce carbon emissions and increase performance, the belt in oil system has very quickly made it’s way to becoming one of the most problematic parts. With frequent premature failures and a difficult and expensive replacement process, the wet belt is a good reason to stay clear of this engine.

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Fuel Injectors

In 2019, the Ford Ecoblue saw critical failures with the fuel injectors, which supplies the engine with diesel. Ford states this is a quality control issue from their supplier; a failure believed to be related to a coating used on the inside of the injector which comes loose over time and results in it becoming blocked. This will send the vehicle into “limp home” mode and the injectors will need to be replaced straight away.

Luckily, this issue seems to be over and done with. Ford have been working with their supplier to address the faulty materials used and to build up a stock of replacement fuel injectors. With this assurance from Ford it reinforces that any Ecoblue manufactured after 2019 should not have this issue. However, it is important to note that there may still be faulty fuel injectors in any second-hand Ford Transit from before 2019.

What Does this Mean for the Aftermarket?

With the Ford Transit becoming the 3rd most popular van in the UK, rapidly rising from 7th place, it is vital that everyone is aware of the potential issues faced. As Ford vans rise in popularity these faults are likely to be more common.

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