With over 2,000 part numbers in our production range, we cover a huge range of applications and therefore, the majority of engines Worldwide with our camshafts. Our factory has been producing camshafts and developing for nearly 40 years and is now an established Global OE manufacturer. The in-house casting foundry is a huge advantage for our chilled-cast products, giving us tight quality control and making us a competitive force in the market. We don’t just produce one of the biggest ranges in Europe, but also stock a huge quantity of camshafts in our Oxfordshire-based warehouse (over 30,000 products at any given time).

We produce both chilled cast and steel billet camshafts using state of the art machinery for both aftermarket and OEMS. Our OE client base has made us one of the market leaders for quality camshafts.

We have developed many of our own profiles to meet the needs of the aftermarket and we’re also capable of producing customer-led profile designs in-house to bespoke specifications.


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