Terms & Conditions of Sale

Revision v23.1.1




In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:




All orders placed with GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD will be viewed as acceptance of all Terms & Conditions herein and will be accepted subject to the following conditions of sale.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD reserves the right to change these terms at any time. In case of any amendments to these terms, you will be notified in good time via email communication.

Any manufacturer names, product reference numbers and symbols are used strictly for reference and identification purposes only and implies nothing more.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD is registered in England and has an office in Unit 7 Worcester Road Trading Park, Chipping Norton, OX7 5XW.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD’s Company Number is 5747379, VAT Registration number is 890321923 and EORI number 890321923000.




To order with GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD you must place a purchase order from your registered company. Information to be included can be seen in “Definitions and Interpretation”.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD must receive a purchase order by email, phone or the TecCom platform with your purchase order number.

Purchase orders will be processed immediately and you will be notified straight away if there is any stock issue or delay.

By ordering you declare that you are ordering on a customer basis and all delivery information and company details you provide are accurate to date.

Once the goods have been received, you will not alter, deface, obfuscate or tamper with any of the trade marks, names or numbers affixed to or marked on the goods, nor allow anyone else to do so.




If you hold a credit account with GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD, payment of invoices will be made in full to us without deductions or set-off in accordance with the payment terms notified by us to you, or if no such terms are advised, not later than the 30th day of the following month after the invoice date.

You guarantee your credit worthiness in placing an order. If after confirmation of the order by us, doubts arise as to your credit worthiness, then all payments will become due immediately unless adequate security can be offered by you.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD methods of payment are by bank transfer (BACS) and a Credit or Debit card.

If full payment is not received as per agreed payment and credit terms, the Company reserves the right to take the following action to resolve the payment :

i. Immediately hold the Customer account, withdrawing services and delivery of goods

ii. Immediate closure of the Customer account and / or cancellation of any rebate

iii. Charge interest at Barclay’s bank base rate plus 5% until the payment is resolved




Ownership of goods to be delivered by GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD will only be transferred to the buyer when the buyer has paid all monies owning to us in respect of the goods concerned. Until date of full payment has been confirmed, GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD will have all rights and title to the goods.

If the buyer makes default in any of these conditions; if distress or execution shall be levied on the buyer’s property, or they shall enter into any arrangement with their creditors, commit any act of bankruptcy, or if the buyer being a limited company passes a resolution to wind up, such companies undertaking property or assets or any part that therefore shall be appointed, GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD shall be entitled forthwith to determine any contract then subsisting and to exercise all or any remedies available to it for recovery of goods and / or payment of any money due.

You will insure the goods against fire, theft or any damage, how so ever caused, until full payment is made in to GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD and the title of goods has been relinquished to yourselves.




GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD reserves the right to alter your discount level at any point, especially in response to any extraordinary weakening of the pound to Euro exchange rate. In the event of any possible changes to your discount, suitable prior notice will be given.




If GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD has issued you with a specific price list or discount, this will be honoured unless notice is given. If a price has changed on the point of a purchase order being placed, you will be notified so the price can be amended on the purchase order.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD reserves the right to set price levels and discounts on a customer by customer basis. We are under no obligation to sell any item at a particular price.

For goods purchased on our Website, the price you pay is the price displayed on GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD’s Website at the time we receive your order apart from the following exceptions:

We list prices Exclusive of VAT. All Prices are exclusive of any other sales tax or duty that maybe applicable which will be payable in addition to the price unless otherwise stated.

While we understand that all of our prices published on our website are accurate, some prices maybe incorrectly listed. If we discover an error in the price of the goods you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and offer you the goods at the correct price. We are under no obligation to provide goods or services to you at any incorrect, lower price, even after the acknowledgement of your order, or despatch of the goods or stated performance of the services.

All prices are in Pounds Sterling. Owing to present conditions, orders will only be accepted to the understanding that the prices charged will be those ruling at the date of despatch.




To cancel an order with GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD, we must receive full written confirmation from the Customer from someone authorised to do so.

In the event of items being despatched before the date of having full written confirmation from the customer, Goods delivered will have to be returned at the customers cost and we reserve the right to charge a handling charge of 15% of the total value of the products returned.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD shall have no liability for incorrect goods purchased by you the customer. If a fault with what is required is discovered, please contact GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD’s Sales team within one hour of the order being placed (Call 01608 654 950).




Any goods which have been supplied in accordance with a customer’s order, but which are subsequently returned, will only be replaced or credited provided that;

  1. The original GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD parts supplied have been obtained by us.
  2. Parts that were sealed in an individual labelled tamper-proof package, if opened, are returned in the same re-selling condition.
  3. Are marked only with our part numbers. Parts with competitor or customer part numbers will not be accepted for return or credit.
  4. Any part returned wrongly boxed or is found to be the incorrect application to what is claimed to be being sent back will be non-refundable and sent back to you with your next order, or sooner if you are willing to pay for the postage.

If your company does not use a UK courier, GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD can charge for our own collection that will be charged to your account at the current courier’s rate. Any free replacement will be sent with free postage.

Non-faulty goods to be credited will be subject to a 15% handling fee.

All distress or VOR purchases, unless faulty, are non-refundable and will not be considered for return and credit.




Claims for non-delivery must be made within 7 days from the date of invoice.

Claims for pilferage or damage during transit must be advised to the courier upon receipt of the goods immediately. Then please notify GT AUTOMOTIVE LTD within three days of the receipt of goods so a claim can be made against the courier.

If you the customer have arranged your own collection of goods, it will be your responsibility to claim against any pilferage or damage to goods that arrive with you.




Any stock cleanse of GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD products must have the prior agreement of with us. The value of the goods will not exceed 15% of approved client’s annual net good purchases during any year 1st January until 31st December.

Any product returned that is deemed to be in a resalable condition, will not be refunded. If repackaging is required, this will be charged and a reduction made to the credit of the returns.

The product values will be credited from the clients last available invoice price. If never purchased, items will be returned. All remaining items less any repackaging charge will be credited and set against a compensatory order of the same value.


WARRANTY ( 12 Months / 12,000 Miles / 20,000 Kilometres )


Unless otherwise agreed, all products are covered under warranty with GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD for a period of one year from the date of invoice or for 12,000 miles ( 20,000km ), whichever comes first. With some products this may vary; in which case you will be notified or this section will be amended accordingly. This will depend on what you are purchasing from us.

Any goods deemed to be faulty by you the customer, must be returned to our warehouse facility as soon as you suspect the potential fault and you must complete a “Warranty Claim Form” through our website.

In some cases GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD may request that you also send back other products that come in contact with the part being claimed on (i.e. the lifters with a camshaft). In some cases, if you cannot provide the other parts it may invalidate the warranty or impede us from dealing with your claim swiftly.

Note that for internal engine components lubricated by engine oil, including but not limited to camshafts and timing chain kits, a sample of at least 150ml of the engine oil is required to be provided with the warranty parts. Failure to provide this sample will invalidate any warranty claim.

Goods that are found faulty due to manufacture or material defects will be replaced free of charge instantly on a one for one basis. The delivery of such free replacements will also be free. However, the manufacturing plants or GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD cannot be held responsible for any faults caused by product fitment.

If any associated labour claims are being made against a product, this must be included with your warranty claim and must be supported by the original documentation (bills, original fitting documentation etc.) attached to your claim.

If it is agreed that the product was fully at fault and a labour claim is accepted, we will raise a credit note for the billed amount and assign it to your account.

Once a claim has been made and we have examined the returned products, you will be notified if your claim has been accepted and we will issue a claim report with the results of our findings.

Note that no warranty is implied or provided with any Goods supplied for racing or performance purposes or any Goods modified to be such.




Every effort has been made to ensure that the goods described and information provided in our catalogues, including but not limited to physical print, digital files and the MAM AutoCat platform, and on our website are accurate. However, no warranty claim or responsibility will be accepted from GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD for any errors, miss-description, or any resulting damage, as all information posted is for reference purposes only.




At present all orders are delivered by GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD’s preferred courier, with prices that can change from time to time. For any guaranteed next day deliveries, the orders must be placed before 3pm, Monday to Friday, to ensure a next business day service to mainland U.K permitting our courier services are operating. Although we will always endeavour to get the products to you as quickly as possible, whatever service we are offering, we cannot take responsibility for issues our courier may have. Once the delivery is with them, it is out of our control.

All international orders will have delivery terms, courier and cost agreed upon with the appropriate account manager.

Any Claims that any goods have been delivered damaged, or not at all, or do not merely comply with their description, should be notified by you to us (and where appropriate, to the courier) within three days of their delivery. If the product delivered is incorrect, provided that you return such goods to us in resalable condition, we can offer a credit note for the returns and the correct replacement parts will be sent to yourself.

The Company reserves the rights to supply goods in a staggered schedule should it become necessary. Each instalment of Goods shall be treated as a separate purchase order agreement. Any such instance, or any failure by the Company to make any delivery or part delivery, does not entitle the Customer to refuse payment for the owed amount.




Unless otherwise stated promotions and quotations are valid for a time period of 30 days.

All quotations issued are Ex-Works unless otherwise agreed with the Customer, and will be subject to VAT payable at the current rate at the time of invoicing.




We may at our discretion, suspend or terminate the supply of any goods or services if you fail to make any payment when it is due, or otherwise default in any of your obligations under this terms and conditions agreement, or any other agreement made between GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD and yourselves in writing.

Upon termination of supply agreement for any reason:

  1. We will not be obliged to supply any goods and services ordered by you, unless already paid for.
  2. All payments payable to us will become due immediately upon termination of the agreement, despite any other provision.




In the event that the Company fails to deliver or fulfil any obligation due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company’s control, including but not limited to any industrial action, utilities failure, adverse weather, etc, the Company will not be liable.

If any deliveries or obligations are delayed to such an extent or 1 quarter year, the Company at it’s discretion, may terminate any agreement or contract at any time or choose not to deliver. In this case, the Company will also not be liable.




Due to the classification of this product being of a performance application, GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD does not conduct any warranties throughout the GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD performance range.

GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD will not take responsibility for any consequential damage undertaken by anyone except the staff of GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD, damages or loss of property or equipment, cost of purchased or replacement goods.

The Installation of GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD components will be completely at the discretion of the customer and GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD will not take responsibility if any fault was to arise during, or after, the component has been installed.

However, GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD can reserve the right to adjust a product with the advisable enhancement without incurring liability with respect to products similar in its range that have been previously manufactured. GT AUTOMOTIVE ENGLAND LTD must underline that performance products manufactured to be sold under our brand to you the customer, are fundamentally for use of non-road vehicles only. All road users wishing to use these products must review the Laws and Regulations applied within their country as to where these Components shall be used.