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We are incredibly proud and excited to be working with industry leading professionals and services to provide the Automotive Aftermarket with as seamless a service as possible. To that end, we want our services to be easily accessible to all, which is why we’ve created follow along videos and step by step guides to make setup a breeze, letting you focus on the important things !


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Setting Up AutoCat Suppliers


1. After launching into AutoCat, head into the Parameters / Reports menu by clicking the icon in the bottom left hand corner

2. Select the Suppliers option from the menu window and enter your password

3. Change the radio button selection to Suppliers at the bottom of the new window

4. Type GT into the Supplier field in the top left, click on the downward arrow to open the list and select GT Automotive

5. Putting a 1 in the Pref column will show our products against any VRM lookups. You will be given the option to apply 1 to all lines, while this is not mandatory we do advise doing so to fully take advantage of our entire range of products

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Setting Up AutoCat Quick Access Shortcut Buttons


1. After launching into AutoCat, head into the Parameters / Reports menu by clicking the icon in the bottom left hand corner

2. Select the Shortcuts Setup option from the menu window and enter your password

3. Click on the ” Click to add custom shortcut ” option, select an icon from the icon grid on the right, and give your shortcut button a name

4. Using the drop down, select a product category and browse the list for the product you would like to add. Highlight the product you wish to add, and click the right pointing arrow to add to your button. To remove a line, you simply highlight the line to remove and click the arrow pointing left.

5. Once you have added all products you require to your shortcut button, click the ” Update ” button in the bottom left of the window. Your new button will not take effect until close and repoen AutoCat.

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Setting Up TecCom via MAM AutoPart


1. With your AutoPart dashboard loaded, access the Database > Database Entry / Amendments menu and select sub option Supplier File Maintenance

2. Load up the supplier account for GT Automotive and enter the Rep & EDI Information tab

3. On the lower half of the screen, there are 5 fields to be filled in as follows;

> EDI Style = TECCOM2

> Branch EDI = Ticked

> Branch = Needs to match the branch code that you are setting up

> EDI Phone Number = GT Automotive supplier account code as set up by you

> EDI Dealer = Customer account code as set up by GT Automotive

4. Once this information has been filled in, you can save with the OK button in the bottom left

5. Please note that if you are setting up multiple branches, you will need to repeat this process for each different branch code being set up

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Setting Up TecCom Portal


1. After logging into the TecCom portal, find the menu option Administration and select the sub menu option Search TecCom Network

2. Enter the TecCom ID for GT Automotive ( 001000107166000000000071330001 ) and Search for Partner

3. Once GT Automotive has been identified in the search results table, click on the + icon on the left hand side of the screen

4. You will then need to fill in the Supplier Number and Customer Number fields accordingly.

5. Click Save, and the business relationship will remain pending until confirmed by GT Automotive. Please drop us a quick email to ensure that we are aware oft he pending business relationship, and our IT team shall respond as quickly as possible

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Technical Support

If you are having any issues, or have any queries at all, please do get in touch at any time through the form below. One of our technical team will be in touch as soon as possible using the contact information provided.
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