Celebrating Success in Budapest !

Congratulations to all attendees for creating a trip to remember !

After a very successful launch at the A1 Spring Trade Show, we were keen once again to make more than a splash and become known to you all as your supplier for Crankshaft Pulleys, a major service part in any UK MOT !

Spending 4 days in the beautiful and iconic European city of Budapest, we’ve returned to the UK with not only positive new connections but strengthened existing relationships thanks in part to the relaxed yet formal venues and atmosphere created by Melissa Rowland and the A1 Motor Stores team !

As always whenever we have a chance to meet you, the factors, we come away from the experience having learned infinitely more. The formal and the casual of Budapest has been no different, and through listening to you we have a better picture of what we need to be doing as your supplier !

The Budapest trip has allowed us to introduce some of you to our tailored stock packs for the first time, and through this introduction we have secured not only stock pack takers but stock pack buyers !

Getting a stock pack is simple : Vehicles can be checked directly with us or through the AutoCat platform and our Crankshaft Pulleys could increase your sales straight away… So why wait ?!

Our entire range, in packs or individuals, are all in stock and available direct from us!

For more information, please visit our Crankshaft Pulley product page.